MaineHousing serves the citizens of Maine as the State’s housing finance agency. Our mission is to assist Maine people in obtaining and maintaining quality affordable housing and services suitable to their housing needs.

MaineHousing strongly encourages homebuyer education for anyone considering the purchase of a home.  Homebuyer education can help you better understand the buying process from preparing your credit, closing on a mortgage loan, preparing a household budget to  home maintenance recommendations once you have become a homeowner .  We are so convinced of its value, it is required of all applicants seeking our First Home Loan mortgage financing with the Advantage down payment and closing cost assistance option.

The eHome America homebuyer education course is the only online course accepted by MaineHousing for its First Home Loan applicants.

The online course consists of two parts. First, homebuyers must complete the online coursework, and the next step is to complete an educational review with an approved homebuyer education counselor over the phone.  The counselor will answer any questions concerning the course, provide information about local, state and federal homeownership programs, and issue the completion certificate. The certificate is required of borrower’s seeking a MaineHousing First Home Loan using the Advantage option.

If you prefer an in-person homebuyer class held in an educational, non-sales oriented environment, please visit the hoMEworks website to find a list of upcoming classes in Maine.

A  First Home Loan from MaineHousing is the most affordable way to buy your first home and the Advantage option provides $3,500 toward the cash you need for closing.  For more information please go to